About the area

The Outer Hebrides is an ideal holiday location.  The natural environment attracts walkers and cyclists, the beaches can attract surfers whilst the clear waters attract fishing enthusiast.  

The islands are steeped with rich culture and history and have a reputation for tradition and warm and welcoming locals.

So whether it is the scenery, the culture or history, the countless outdoor activities or just to escape, there is something for everyone.

Lewis is the largest of the Outer Hebridean islands with over 6000 residents and is home to some world famous archaeological sites including the Callanish Stones, the Carloway Broch, the Norse mill house and traditional black houses.

Lewis and Harris sport some of the most wonderful beaches in Britain and you can often find yourself alone with only the sand and sea for company.  The west coast gets the full brunt of the North Atlantic swells and can be enchanting to watch the waves crashing against the rocks, if you are luck you might also catch some surf.  The landscape can be magical and ranges from flat moorland, rugged coast lines and not forgetting picturesque hills.

Aignish is located east of Stornoway on the east coast of the Isle of Lewis. The township is at the island side of the isthmus connecting to the Eye peninsula. 

The crofting village contains the historic Eye Church, a large pre-Reformation Church. The present church buildings are believed to be medieval. They were constructed on the site believed to be the cell of St. Catan, a contemporary of St. Columba. The church was the burial ground of the MacLeods of Lewis.

Stornoway has all the amenities of a small town.  There is a wide choice of restaurants, bars, local shops as well as two larger supermarkets.

There are plenty activities to keep you busy including a golf course, arts centre, sports centre and go-karting track to name but a few.

The Lews Castle Grounds is an extensive woodlands planted in the mid 19th century and is now owned by the community. The local harbour also houses common seals and if you venture a bit further you may spot dolphins or even whales.

So much to see and do, we only wish we could stay for longer!

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